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Rocco   18269   Dog     Male
Available 02/03/2018     Location: Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier (mix) Altered: Yes
Color: Black - White Multicolor Age: 10 years
Size: Medium Weight:
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with small children? Unknown
  Current on shots? Yes
Housetrained? Yes   Special needs? No


Rocco is approximately 10 years old. His current foster is a dog walker so for the past week he has been introduced to a wide variety of other dogs with various personalities and energy levels. Few growls here and there but he is very responsive to verbal corrections. He seems to do well off leash, playing and running with the rest of the pack, and he has an incredible recall.

Rocco also sits, spins and shakes, and is working on down and stay and he is improving everyday.

Rocco does need an experienced owner, preferably someone experienced with Jack Russells or a strong pack leader. He does have a tendency to get protective and territorial, but with a strong leader he is happy to comply to the rules. He has bitten onto the pant leg of two different men, one who walked into the home without being invited in and another worker that wandered onto his previous property to repair something. He never broke skin, just grabbed onto the pant leg. We don’t know how Rocco is with children.

While off leash Rocco is extremely playful and active, he also loves to swim. While in the house he is very mellow and calm, he likes to keep to himself and rest in his bed. He needs some work on greeting people at the door.

Rocco’s previous owner only had him 3 months, she bought him off of craigslist, and scheduled him to be put to sleep because he was “dangerous”, yet she then bought two new Jack Russell puppies. The vet refused to put him down after coming to the conclusion that he was healthy and not a dangerous dog. A professional trainer also assessed him and agreed that while he is not dangerous he does need an experienced owner who will give him some boundaries and rules. He has done extremely well in his current foster but she is leaving for a few weeks shortly.

He is also pretty overweight, he came with dog food that is apparently a science diet low calorie food. He is very food motivated.

He really is a great dog, obviously has those Jack Russell smarts!

For more information, please contact Robin Clarke, (509) 845-2764 or .
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