Scout #18423: Male Dog
ID: 18423
Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler - Australian Shepherd (mix)
Gender: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Color: Black - Brown Spotted
Size: Medium
Eyes: Amber
Ears: Natural
Tail: Natural
Age: 1 year
Available: 07/19/2019
Location: Shelter: Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Scout is a 16 month old, 49 lb., mostly Australian Cattle Dog with a bit of Aussie Shepherd mixed in. He loves to play ball, and hang with his people. When Scout is familiar with someone, and knows they are friends, he adores them and will celebrate their arrival with a a happy puppy greeting. However, he is very fearful around people he doesn’t know. He would thrive in a quiet, adult-only home, as a companion for a person or couple, who live in the country and rarely have visitors. Scout is great when meeting other dogs and loves to play with them, but when in the same home, he can be competitive with other dogs, and he would be best as an only dog.

In a calm situation, Scout is a very playful, relaxed and happy. He is sweet and loving with people he knows. He likes to be in the same room with his person/people, but doesn’t need to be underfoot. At home, he is a very quiet and will rest in his bed or beside you. He also sometimes like to snuggle, and will sit or lie down with his back touching you, sometimes deciding to groom your hand or leg.

Although he is still just a pup, Scout is a fairly moderate energy dog. He is satisfied with a few daily sessions of fetching the ball and a good walk. He does NOT need tons of exercise. He is a very alert, observant, highly intelligent dog, who learns new things quickly. He has excellent eye contact and checks in with you frequently. Scout has taken basic obedience training and knows the commands Sit, Down, Wait, and Shake. He walks very nicely on leash and loves walking out on trails. He is also completely housebroken and rides quietly in the backseat of a car.

We do not recommend him around cats or chickens, as he wants to chase. We also believe that he was traumatized and terrified as a very small pup, and has some PTSD. Fast movements or unexpected noises make him extremely nervous and panicky. All training with Scout must be rewards based, positive reinforcement. Negative corrections or punishment based training methods will NOT work with him, and will achieve the opposite of what you want.

He has a deep seated fear of strangers. if a person the the street looks at him or reaches out to pet him, Scout will shrink away in fear. At home, if strange vehicles and people approach the house, he will bark and howl in alarm. If unknown people enter the house, he will bark, growl and lunge at them. He is especially wary of children, and would not do well around them. If he is properly and positively introduced (with treats) to new people away from “his” territory, he will be fine if everyone walks back to the house and enters together. Strangers must ignore him, but drop tasty treats to show him that they are not a threat to him.

With other dogs only (NOT with people), Scout is a resource guarder. He will chase other dogs away from his people, food and toys. If another dog stands up to him, as a parent would to a naughty pup, Scout will respect that dog. Otherwise, in his home, he is territorial with easy going dogs, if they are near “his” people or resources. His respect for another dog is on an individual, case by case basis and as he gets to know the dog over time. He is completely fine and respectful with people around his resources (food, toys, etc.).

Scout requires a quiet home in the country. His nightmare scenario would be a busy urban area, on streets bustling with people and fast moving vehicles whizzing past just a few feet away. If he cannot hide, he will tremble with fear, and will attempt to chase fast moving cars. If a situation proves too much for Scout, and you stop/hold him back from lunging out at the cause of his stress, in his panic he will redirect onto a pant leg, pulling and ripping the material. We believe that his adrenaline and cortisol levels shoot up quickly, and depending on the amount of stress he has experienced, it can take him a full 24 hours or more to recover from the terror and trauma.

When he feels safe and secure at home and with his people, Scout is a great companion. He is happy, playful, loving and cuddly. He needs very experienced, patient, loving people with a quiet, calm situation, and who have the willingness and understanding to work with a pup with PTSD.

Scout would be best as only dog. No young kids, cats or livestock. Needs an experienced, adult home only.

If you are interested in meeting Scout, please begin our process by going to this link:, to download and print the form to be completed. If you have questions, please email us at or leave a message at (707) 583-9583.
  • Needs home with no cats
  • Housetrained
  • Current on vaccinations
Scout Scout Scout Scout
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