Rehoming Your Pet

Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation is an entirely non-profit, all-volunteer group. We have no shelter, office, staff, or overhead. We rely on donations and fundraisers to continue our work. We also rely on volunteers to provide assistance with fostering animals, transportation, food distribution, and keeping social media up to date.

Our area of greatest need is foster homes for rescued animals; this enables us to continue to pull animals from high-risk situations and save lives. If you are not local and are not in a position to adopt or foster, we always appreciate your tax-deductible donations: they allow us to spay or neuter, vaccinate, and board animals until a home can be found.

Here is a list of ways you, as a caring individual, can help:

  • Adopt a shelter animal. Don't rule out the animals that may not seem to be the most desirable; many times the pets that don't bark and crowd the front of their kennels begging for your attention may be the ones that will really light up your life when given a chance.

  • Spread the word. Tell everyone you know not to breed or buy while shelter pets die.

  • Spay and neuter. Make sure your own pets are altered. Offer to help a neighbor, friend, coworker or acquaintance who has an unaltered dog or cat and explain the health benefits to their own pet as well as the benefits to the greater good that go along with spay and neuter. If you are financially able, offer to help those who are not.

  • Visit your local shelter. Shelter dogs and cats who are socialized by volunteers are much more able to handle the stress of their stay at the shelter, and this helps them present to the public as much more adoptable. Many shelters will allow volunteers to walk dogs, handle cats, and just provide general socialization for the animals. This is an invaluable service that can take as little or as much time as you can spare.

  • Volunteer. WARF has many volunteer opportunities - from hands-on assistance with adoptions, transportation, and food distribution, to helping answer emails and calls, administrative assistance, social medial posting, etc. Any time that you can spare, even an hour a week, is appreciated. Contact us via e-mail or phone (775-833-2319) if you can help. 

  • Donate. As an all-volunteer organization, you can guarantee that every penny that you give goes directly to help alleviate suffering and save lives.

Above all, speak up any chance you get and promote kindness to all beings.